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The Army of a country determines its prowess in combating the antagonistic forces directed towards the safety and security of a country. Either it may comprise of a country’s land-based force or it may also mean a large military force. It has a vital role in maintaining the power equilibrium in a region so that any other country may not try to confiscate it. The US Army is a crucial armed force that has made the country one of the leading states in the genre of defense power. The US Army manages the country’s land-based military operations. The country could boast of its native US Army.

The US Army before 1918 was a single entity named as United States Army. Significant changes took place during the First World War. The National Army established during this time had a special task to fight against the brewing odds of the other belligerent powers. It was a massive draft and call-up force. The US Army, so called, owes its origin to the Second World War conflict. In 1941, it was established in answer to the military crisis engulfing the world. It was an amalgamation of the Army of the United States, the Regular Army and the Enlisted Reserve Corps. Its three components constituted the Army of the United States as a whole.

Presently, the Army is divided into two sections, the Regular Army and the Army Reserve. It is entitled to carry out different functions. The combat forces include Armor, Cavalry, Special Forces and Infantry, whereas, Combat Special Troops constitute Army Aviation, Artillery, Army Corps of Engineer, Medical Corps, Ordnance Corps, Transportation Corps, Signal Corps, Intelligence Corps etc.

The statistics of the year 2002 reveal that the US Army consisted of 480,000 Soldiers in active service while 555,000 in reserve. It consists of many ranks from Division Commanders to Sergeants giving it order and system. The Army was first formed in 14 June 1775 even before the establishment of United States in its present form. The purpose was to suffice the need of the American Revolutionaries. Thus, the US Army has a long history of serving the land and its natives, and combating any antagonistic force that rises against the welfare of the State.

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